Is It Legal To Buy CBD Oil?

IMost people don’t know why CBD and products made from it are taken. The reason why CBD or CBD oil is taken is because of its ability to treat various chronic conditions. Thus, this increased the demand for CBD, but then another question arises in the mind of people that whether or not is it legal to buy CBD oil. Most of the individuals are not able to find the answer to this question easily. It cannot be found out if it’s legal or not because different states have different laws regarding its use.

CBD is legal in 50 states, but there is a different situation when it considered legal or illegal in the different state. A crucial factor that determines CBD is legal or not across all state is its derivation from marijuana or hemp.

Difference between CBD derived from hemp as well as marijuana

Both hemp as well as marijuana belongs to the cannabis family, and they share lots of characters. But there is one main difference between them, i.e., amount of psychoactive THC or tetrahydrocannabinol produced by each plant. Marijuana contains 30 percent THC and hemp contains only 0.3 percent THC. Thus, it can be concluded that marijuana gets you high and hemp does not get you high as it has low THC content.

Hemp does not have psychoactive effects, and thus law have no problem with its use. Hemp products are legal and are available in all types of the industries as well as stores across America. On the other hand, marijuana has the different stories, and this is the reason why the source of CBD product is important to its legality.

Legality of hemp-derived CBD

Hemp-derived CBD is completely legal as it doesn’t have psychoactive effects. Thus, you purchase or sell hemp CBD oils or other products, and it’s legal in all 50 states.  Although hemp is often confused with marijuana plant and there is some stigma towards the hemp-derived CBD. However from the legal perspective CBD derived from hemp is totally legal.

Legality of marijuana CBD

Marijuana-derived CBD is completely legal in some state while in others it is completely illegal. This is because CBD derived from the THC rich marijuana or even isolated from it are the byproduct of marijuana. Also, it can get you high. Thus, it is illegal to use the marijuana-derived CBD in many states.

Legality of CBD in some states

In 2018 there are eight states where you will find that the cannabis plant like hemp and marijuana are completely legal for the recreational purpose as well as medical use. The names of these states are California, Alaska, Maine, Nevada, Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington, and Oregon.

Thus, if you are in one of these states, then you are free to use the medicinal product made from the marijuana or hemp. You can buy the CBD oil or any other products in these states and use them for improving health issues. Before buying CBD, you can check out whether it is legal to buy the CBD products in your states or not and then use them conveniently.

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